Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Gunge?

Gunge is a thick, gooey, yet runny substance with a consistency somewhere between that of paint and custard. It can also be referred to as Slime in the United States.

Is the Gunge safe?

Yes! Our Gunge is made out of non-toxic materials so it is completely safe when used for its intended purposes.

Will the Gunge stain my clothes or bath?

Our testing shows our Gunge has minimal risk to stain clothes or surfaces. We highly recommend cleaning the covered areas immediately after finished use to prevent the rare occasion that staining may result. 

How do I mix the Gunge?

For detailed instructions please visit the Mixing Instructions Tab at the top of the website:

How much Gunge does one package make?

Our Large Gunge packets make between 10 Liters of Gunge. This is roughly equivalent to 2.5 - 3 Gallons. 

Our Small Gunge packets make 5 Liters of Gunge which is equivalent to 1.3 Gallons.

How do I dispose of the Gunge?

Splatter Emporium Gunge is completely biodegradable. The easiest way to dispose is running warm water until is it dissolved. 


Do you have a Safety Data Sheet for the Gunge?

Yes! You can view the MSDS for our Gunge here: Splatter Emporium Gunge MSDS


Any other questions? Feel free to email us at SplatterEmporium@gmail.com